About Us

Norris McLaughlin is a multi-practice, commercial law firm with offices in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Our capabilities and experience include legal counsel on matters of national and international scope. With a team of 120 attorneys practicing in over 30 legal disciplines and industry-focused groups, we are well-positioned to service a wide range of clients, including small businesses, middle-market companies, and Fortune 500 corporations, as well as the private individuals and families who own, lead, and/or manage those companies.

Originally a humble two-attorney practice based in Somerville, New Jersey, Norris McLaughlin evolved into a multi-disciplinary legal practice, eventually becoming the largest law firm in Somerset County and one of the top 20 law firms based in New Jersey. Always dedicated to delivering superior client service, and responding to the changing needs and growth of our clients, we expanded our geographic reach by merging with like-minded firms in New York City (1999) and the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania (2009).  With this geographic expansion, and with the resources of international law firm networks, today’s Norris McLaughlin delivers a total package of legal solutions to our clients wherever they need it – no matter what their legal issues may be.

At the Heart of Norris McLaughlin

We are more than just a collection of lawyers who practice law together under one firm name. We are attorneys, partners, and friends who are committed to the success of our clients. 

We provide high-quality comprehensive legal services that our clients have come to expect and value. We are laser-focused on delivering successful outcomes – whether by completing any of a wide range of general domestic and international business transactions, by advocating for our clients in the courtroom, or by providing legal counsel during the course of everyday business. 

We bring niche industry experience to large companies looking to expand their existing network of legal counsel, as well as to small and family-owned businesses that need more experience, resources, or in-depth knowledge of their particular markets in order to grow.

We are recognized by our clients as their trusted advisors and virtual business partners. We deliver efficient and practical legal counsel to support our clients’ needs, and we do so with a focus on their continued success through our entrepreneurial, collaborative, client-centered approach to service. 

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