Norris McLaughlin Multi-Disciplinary Legal Team Closes Significant Cross-Border Equity Investment

Posted on August 25th, 2021

The law firm of Norris McLaughlin, P.A., is pleased to announce that Robert C. Gabrielski, Esq., Chair of the firm’s International Business and Tax Planning Group, led a multi-disciplinary team that finalized a successful M&A cross-border transaction involving companies in Canada and the United States, the financial terms of which remain confidential.

Gabrielski noted, “Our firm worked closely with lawyers at Toronto-based Minden Gross, and collaborated to structure, negotiate, and close a significant equity investment for a leading Canadian telecommunications services provider.”

The Norris McLaughlin legal advisory team, led by Gabrielski, included William L. Brewer, Charles A. BruderJeffrey K. Cassin, and LaShawn Oxendine.

About the Norris McLaughlin M&A Practice Group

The Norris McLaughlin mergers and acquisitions attorneys have structured, negotiated, and closed numerous U.S. and international transactions ranging from small-scale to complex multi-million-dollar deals. The firm’s attorneys have vast experience in all aspects of such corporate transactions, including asset and stock sales, statutory mergers, tax-structured transactions, corporate reorganizations, tender offers, leveraged buyouts, LLC and limited partnership interest exchanges, financing arrangements, due diligence investigation, governmental approvals and clearances, and international transactions.

Norris McLaughlin’s dedicated business law attorneys can also assist with the analysis of tax, securities, labor, employee benefits, antitrust, real estate, intellectual property, environmental, and other legal issues related to mergers and acquisitions. More than 30 business law attorneys spend all or most of their time in a variety of disciplines within the field of business law. As a result, the firm has enough diversity of talent and bench strength to form teams of cross-functional attorneys, striving to create the right blend of general competence and expertise that are best situated to address our clients’ needs promptly, efficiently, and creatively.

As experienced advisors, the firm’s attorneys ensure that each client has the proper structure in place to guide them on what they can expect and what investors will expect, prior to a client meeting with any potential investor. Norris McLaughlin takes a unique approach in the early stage of company relationships, in that each client can expect a single partner to be responsible and accountable for that relationship. Recognized by clients as their trusted advisors and virtual business partners, the attorneys deliver efficient and practical legal counsel, supporting each client’s needs with an eye on their bottom line and what’s best for their future.

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