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Need for Environmental Counsel

Jul 30, 2021

New Jersey BPU Adopts New Incentives for Solar Projects

At a special meeting held in Trenton on July 28, 2021, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) approved the following incentives under its New Jersey Solar Successor Incentive Program, or “SUSI.” These incentives will take effect in 30 days, at which time the Transition Incentive Program will close to new applications.» Read more

Sep 29, 2020

Solar Energy Lease – What Landlords Should Know

With more and more emphasis on clean, renewable forms of energy, the development of solar energy farms is increasing rapidly. Solar energy farms are large-scale commercial power plants that use solar panels to convert sunlight into clean energy, providing a source of safe, locally-produced renewable energy for many years after construction.» Read more

Jun 20, 2019

Environmental Audits: Is the House in Order?

Many businesses, including manufacturing facilities, hospitals and other health care providers, wastewater treatment facilities, and service providers, among others, regardless of size, spend considerable resources to ensure that key aspects of their operations are in proper order.  The focus is typically on maintenance of proper books and records, periodic auditing of financial and tax records, and compliance with occupational health and safety laws and employment and labor laws. » Read more