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What Is One Thing Your Clients Say They Wish They Knew Before Coming to See You? [VIDEO]

The Norris McLaughlin Elder Care & Special Needs Law Practice Group answers your questions. In this video, our geriatric social worker, Lori Kayne, addresses planning ahead for aging and what clients tell her they wish they knew before coming to an elder law attorney for help.

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Hi, I’m Lori Kane. I am the Geriatric Social Worker for Norris McLaughlin’s Elder Care and Special Needs Group and today we are going to talk about planning ahead.

What is one thing your clients say they wish they knew before coming to see you?

Most clients wish they knew how much planning in advance can help. They wish they knew how important it is to have a power of attorney and a health care proxy, and how important it is to have the appropriate language in each document. They also wish they knew that you have to have the mental capacity to be able to sign those legal documents. We can’t just ask somebody to sign their name if they don’t understand what those documents say.

People wish they knew that Medicare doesn’t pay for your long-term health care needs and that there’s a big difference between Medicare and Medicaid. They also wish they knew how many different care options there are. What the cost of those options are and how personal a decision it is what the right option is for each of our clients. They also wish they knew that helping their family members financially could hurt their eligibility for Medicaid when they need care in the future.

Lastly, they wish they knew that assets could be saved for the healthy spouse and not all spent on the spouse that needs care.

About Lori Kayne

Lori Kayne has been working as a Geriatric Social Worker in the healthcare field for over 20 years. At Norris McLaughlin, she works in collaboration with an Elder Care Attorney to develop a detailed Life Care Plan that addresses the health, safety, and care concerns of her clients as they impact their legal and financial planning. She and the attorney work with clients and their families for an extended period helping them navigate the healthcare maze and plan proactively.

Prior to joining the firm, Lori worked as a Geriatric Care Manager for Generations Counseling and Care Management and Senior Bridge where she conducted geriatric assessments, developed plans of care, and provided supportive counseling to assist clients with adjustments to illness and changes in lifestyle. She also has worked as a Discharge Planner in a variety of hospital and nursing home settings.

If you have any questions about planning ahead for aging or any other related matters, please feel free to email Lori at