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IMPAIRED PHYSICIANS – Health Care Counsel Can Help Navigate the Rough Waters

Physicians participating in or considering enrollment in an “impaired physician program” which in New York is the Committee for Physician Health (CPH) and in New Jersey is the Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey (PAPNJ), often need legal assistance regarding the status of their medical license.  Both CPH and PAPNJ were created to assist the impaired physician with evaluation and treatment, as well as to advocate on their behalf when necessary.

Although participation in these programs is most often confidential, it may impact your ability to continue to practice medicine.  There are many intricacies in dealing with an impairment, as well as the short-term and long-term effects on licensure status, employment and credentialing.

It is very challenging for a health care provider to coordinate all the moving parts to ensure that their ability to continue the practice of medicine is not impacted.  An experienced health care attorney can provide sound legal advice from the beginning of the process, continuing through the various stages of treatment and provide counsel as to best strategies to protect your medical license.

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