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Customs & Border Protection to Email Visa Waiver Entrants 10-Day Departure Warnings

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To better combat non-immigrant visa overstays through proactive and preventative enforcement actions, Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has announced the implementation of an “Email Departure Reminder” system.  The Reminder system requires certain non-immigrant, temporary travelers to the United States to provide an e-mail address so CBP can send an email notice 10 days prior to the date that the traveler is required to depart the United States, or face dire consequences including deportation from the United States, revocation of any non-immigrant visas, and bans on one’s future ability to lawfully enter the United States.

As of CBP’s rollout of the Email Departure Reminder system, only individuals entering under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) will receive email notifications.  Expansion of the program to other non-immigrant, temporary visa holders is expected during 2018.

Individuals entering under the VWP will receive email notifications from the following address:  If a traveler receives an e-mail from a different sender, CBP advises that it should not be opened, as it may be either a phishing scam or an otherwise fraudulent email.

If you have questions about CBP’s Email Reminder Notification system, are concerned about how long you are authorized to remain in the United States, have already overstayed your permitted time, or seek any other immigration help, please contact me at