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Immigration Agency Launches Online Reporting Portal for F-1 OPT and M-1 International Students

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The Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) recently launched the Online International Student Visa Portal for foreign students in the United States under the F-1 Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) and M-1 Practical Training programs.  The portal was developed to assist international students in the United States on student visas meet federal immigration information reporting requirements.

Through the online portal, F-1 OPT and M-1 students can quickly add, update, and maintain accurate personal and employer records with federal immigration agencies.  Student access is limited to phone numbers, mailing addresses, physical addresses, and employer information.

International students in the United States under the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) OPT may only update their addresses and phone numbers on the portal, and must first notify and seek approval from their college or university Designated School Official (DSO) before changing employers.

Before registering for the SEVP Online International Student Visa Portal, students must provide the DSO a current email address.  F-1 OPT and M-1 students may register and access the portal by visiting the Online SEVP Student Reporting Portal.

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