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New Jersey Township Authorizes Investigation into and Lawsuit Against Murphy “Sanctuary State” Directive

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Last night, the Township Council of Old Bridge, New Jersey adopted legislation authorizing the township’s attorney to investigate and take legal action against New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration challenging the “Immigrant Rights Directive” that limits police cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and essentially deems New Jersey a sanctuary state.

The Council Resolution states that Gov. Murphy and the New Jersey Assembly have enacted regulations and statutes that prevent local municipalities like Old Bridge from performing their lawful duties to protect the legal citizens and lawful permanent residents of the municipality.  In response to the Governor’s “unlawful actions,” the resolution authorizes the Township Solicitor to explore and investigate all appropriate avenues and other measures, which can be taken against the governor, the attorney general, and others for “instituting and supporting local policies that violate the Constitution of the United States and federal laws.”

Old Bridge Township is one of many New Jersey local and county municipalities that are considering legal action or have already taken legal action challenging the “Immigrant Rights Directive.”  As I recently discussed in a previous post, this is exactly the type of challenge that was expected.  Whether litigation of this sort will succeed is yet to be determined.

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