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Sep 09, 2019

What Liquor Brands Should Know About Trademarks

In a recent federal court ruling, a judge articulated once again why famous brands enjoy greater rights than those that lack renown

The case pits two giants in wholly unrelated fields— clothing versus alcoholic beverages.

The lesson? Liquor sellers should exercise caution and select brand names that are not the same or are not similar to those of existing “famous” brands, even in completely unrelated fields. » Read More

Apr 12, 2016

Can the University of Kentucky Own Exclusive Rights in KENTUCKY for Clothing?

It seems improbable than any person or company could own exclusive rights to the name of a state for clothing.  Yet that’s just what the University of Kentucky is arguing in a case it has brought against a Kentucky moonshiner, Colin Fultz, who is using the mark KENTUCKY MIST MOONSHINE for clothing.   » Read More