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Buying or Selling A Business and Its Intellectual Property Including Trademarks and Copyrights? Here are Some Tips

IP Intellectual Property - Patent and Trademark

A while back, I wrote an article for Metropolitan Corporate Counsel on buying and selling intellectual property (“IP”) assets, which include trademarks and copyrights, as part of the sale of all or part of a business.  It’s one of those “oldie but goodie” resources I frequently consult.  It was written for attorneys, but anyone can benefit from reading the piece.  Key points include: what due diligence should parties to a sale conduct before committing to sale or  purchase?   How can a seller make use of schedules in the agreement to reduce liability if there is an issue with IP assets? What representations and warranties about IP assets should a seller look for?  How should the transfer of IP be defined in the contract and perfected after the deal is signed?  You can read more here.

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