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Apr 16, 2018

The Rise of Blockchain in Patent and Trademark USPTO Filings

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), is a digital ledger in which transactions, often made in a cryptocurrency, are recorded chronologically and publicly.  (You can refer to our prior post on blockchain and cryptocurrencies here.)

Although the applications of blockchain technology is most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies, there is a surge of other use cases in the fields of finance, healthcare, arts/entertainment, government, and logistics.  » Read More

Jan 30, 2018

Big Banks are Now Receiving Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Patents! Part I

As you may be aware, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, have surged to incredible and unexpected values over the past few months. For a few days in the middle of December 2017, each Bitcoin was valued at almost $20,000, and, as of today, Ethereum, the second most valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, is hovering around the $1,000 mark with a total market cap of around $100 billion. » Read More