Norris Presents Program for Social Workers On Financial Exploitation

Posted on May 12th, 2022

Shana Siegel, Chair of our Elder Care & Special Needs Law Practice Group, and Lori Kayne, our Geriatric Social Worker, presented “Protecting Vulnerable Seniors from Financial Exploitation- A Guide for Healthcare Professionals” in partnership with Synergy HomeCare on May 10.

The complimentary program was designed to educate social workers and CCM board-certified case managers on identifying and protecting clients from financial exploitation.

Topics covered included:

  • Define financial exploitation, the two main types, and 5 warning signs
  • Describe who is most at risk for exploitation and why it is hard to identify
  • Identify reasons seniors are more vulnerable to financial exploitation
  • Describe ways to protect seniors from financial exploitation
  • List steps practitioners can take if financial exploitation is suspected

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