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Jan 29, 2016

The Anonymous Employee Complaint Letter. What’s An Employer To Do?

Every employer has received one: the anonymous letter or email in which someone complains about one of your employees.  How is an employer supposed to respond when faced with one of these complaints?  This question was answered by New Jersey’s Appellate Division in the case of In The Matter of Paul Williams, Township of Lakewood, ____  N.J.Super » Read More

Sep 29, 2015

Arbitration Clause in Employee Handbook Found Not Enforceable

In the recent New Jersey Appellate Division decision C.M. v. Maiden Re Insurance Services, LLC, et al., A-2913-13T1 (App. Div., Sept. 18, 2015), the Court refused to enforce an arbitration clause contained within the employer’s employee handbook.

This case arose in the context of plaintiff’s claim under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, where the plaintiff claimed the defendant employer failed to reasonably accommodate her disability and ultimately terminated her employment based on that disability.  » Read More

Jun 24, 2014

Shortening Of Statute Of Limitations By Agreement Contained In Employment Application Deemed Enforceable

In a decision that affects every employer and employee in the state, the New Jersey Appellate Division has held that a contractual provision contained in an employment application that shortens the statute of limitations for employment claims to six months is enforceable.  » Read More

Nov 14, 2013

Termination: How to Achieve a Valid Release

Recently, the New Jersey Appellate Division reversed a trial court decision which had dismissed plaintiff’s claims under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (“LAD”) because plaintiff had signed a release of all claims.  The appellate court determined that the release was not “knowing and voluntary.”  » Read More