Compliance and Branding for the Food Industry

Compliance Labeling and Branding for the Food and Beverage Industry Companies

Join Jeanne Hamburg, a trademark attorney here at Norris McLaughlin, and Victoria Ho, a consultant in the food industry with extensive food CPG compliance experience, as they guide you through key aspects of labeling compliance and branding for your food products. The average product recall costs food entrepreneurs an average of $10 million. Moreover, to get your product on shelves and instill confidence in buyers, compliance is essential. Victoria covers how to develop:

  • FDA/State compliant packaging materials
  • FDA/State compliant label (on-pack messaging)
  • UPC scannable and properly coded for food safety

With the average consumer spending only five seconds looking at your product, a unique brand and design can set you apart and build consumer loyalty and goodwill. Jeanne covers how to:

  • Protect your food brands, packaging, designs, promotional materials, and website
  • Clear and register your food trademarks and product designs
  • Draft contracts to protect your brand, designs, and recipes
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