Venture Tech & Emerging Growth Companies

Norris McLaughlin clients are pioneers. 

Venture tech and emerging growth companies are on the forefront of just about every industry – and those yet to be invented.

We understand the needs of emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs. We partner with our clients every step of the way, whether it be from initial concept and start-up, to a new company’s development and lifecycle, to the right exit strategies to maximize capital, resources, and markets.

Who We Are

Our Venture Tech & Emerging Companies practice includes technologically sophisticated attorneys experienced in guiding and assisting clients in developing strategy and making critical decisions – at any and every stage of a company’s formation, growth, and development.

Our attorneys have diverse experiences and interests. We position clients for successful fund raisings, even before they begin those discussions with potential investors.  We ensure clients have the right corporate and tax structure in place to succeed, and work with our colleagues in our intellectual property group to obtain the necessary patent, trademark, and copyright protections. We guide them on the types of discussions to expect with investors – before they have those discussions. We confer with clients before prospective investor meetings, so clients understand what to expect from prospective investors – what they want to hear and see before – the meetings happen in real time.

Who We Help

Our clients are engaged in a wide range of industries. From medical technology to e-commerce, enterprise software, financial technology, additive manufacturing, data analytics, and internet infrastructure, they are discovering the next industry frontiers. 

What We Do

Our venture tech and emerging growth company focus offers a client-centered approach including:

  • Company formation, business and tax structure, and buy-sell rights 
  • Debt and equity fund raisings, including seed financings and convertible debt, venture capital, alternative funding, and traditional institutional financing such as bank debt
  • Intellectual property registration, protection, and litigation
  • Executive and employee compensation and benefits programs, including stock, stock options, phantom equity, and other equity and incentive plans
  • Software, data, and technology infrastructure service agreements
  • Distribution, licensing, sales, agency, and outsourcing agreements
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