Food, Beverage & Hospitality

Norris McLaughlin understands the value of taking a seat at the table.

From farm to table, fork and plate, carafe to cask, managing the legal needs of food, beverage, and hospitality companies means understanding industry variables and keeping pace with its fast-paced regulations.

Our attorneys tackle the legal issues associated with running a successful food, beverage, or hospitality business so our clients can do what they do best. We help clients control costs and offer legal guidance to determine their best competitive solutions. 

Who We Are

We are proud members of the New York State Restaurant Association, New Jersey Food Processors Association, Specialty Food Association, Brewers Association, National Association of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Attorneys, National Association of Licensing Compliance Professionals, and Brewers of Pennsylvania.

Who We Help

We’re here to help industry players with Business Planning. We advise clients about licensing, and we counsel them on all aspects of product distribution. We help franchise clients remain in compliance with their franchisee agreements, and advise them on best practices to follow in trade regulations. 

From food manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, to food and beverage trade groups, breweries, distilleries and wineries, restaurants, bars, hotels, conference centers, stadiums, and other public venues, Norris McLaughlin’s attorneys bring wide-ranging expertise to the table. We offer guidance and solutions to a diverse industry’s many challenges. 

How We Help

We negotiate and draft production, distribution, and supply agreements for co-packing and private labeling. We advise on branding and licensing; and help resolve, and, where necessary, litigate branding and other commercial disputes. We write or advise on vendor agreements, marketing and advertising agreements, design services contracts, non-disclosure agreements, website development agreements, and website terms of use and privacy policies.

Our Food, Beverage & Hospitality attorneys work in a range of legal practices including:

  • Construction
  • Corporate law including general contract issues, asset and stock sales, corporate reorganizations, LLC and limited partnership interest exchanges, financing agreements, and governmental approval and clearances
  • Environmental concerns
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual property issues including patent, trademark, and copyright clearance and applications
  • Labor and employment law including hiring, job descriptions, employee documentation, employee classifications, employment agreements, employee compensation, policies and handbooks, training and leave and accommodations
  • Litigation, including trademark and copyright infringement, distribution termination cases, legal compliance and litigation management, shareholder dispute resolution, insurance coverage, breach of contract, product liability, antitrust issues, environmental enforcement actions, and state liquor license violations
  • Liquor law
  • Real estate and finance
  • Tax counseling
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