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Alternative Dispute Resolution – Norris McLaughlin, P.A., Attorneys at Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise, parties need skilled, effective representation to ensure that their rights are protected as they work toward resolution. The experienced litigators at Norris McLaughlin know that some disputes call for the no-holds-barred approach of litigation. When appropriate, however, some disputes can be settled using creative and efficient approaches that bypass a courtroom.

Collectively called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), these approaches include arbitration, mediation, and negotiation. When used appropriately, ADR procedures can help resolve disputes in a less costly, more expeditious manner. They also offer greater confidentiality than the public nature of the court system and can help preserve troubled relationships by avoiding pitting the parties against each other in a determination to “win.”

In today’s legal environment, ADR is an attractive and strategic alternative to lengthy and costly trials, especially when courts have closed or are backed up as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. ADR offers a significant advantage, as virtual dispute resolution proceedings can continue while people are unable to travel as freely and certain parts of the nation (and the world) have restrictions that limit the normal process of litigation. 

Who We Are

The members of our ADR practice group comprise former judges and attorneys with decades of experience. As certified arbitrators and mediators, we have presided over tens of thousands of cases. We carefully and objectively weigh the facts and data brought before us. 

Norris McLaughlin attorneys have earned their impeccable reputations as fair and judicious arbiters of the law, giving clients peace of mind in these proceedings.

Clients describe our attorneys as focused, empathetic, and personable. Many of the attorneys who seek ADR for their cases, either brought by a plaintiff seeking compensation or defending a client in a dispute, repeatedly contact the Norris McLaughlin group for ADR consultation. 

Who We Help

Disputes arise in both commercial and civil settings. Any client who is unable to resolve a situation independently may seek resolution through ADR. 

Some clients do not have the financial resources for a costly and lengthy litigation. Others view a trial as a risk not worth pursuing. There are clients whose circumstances may require a speedy settlement.

Business disputes may arise in almost any context. In a commercial transaction, terms of manufacture, delivery, and payment may not be clearly specified. Labor contracts need to be negotiated on a timely basis, so as not to disrupt production or services to the public. Corporate governance of succession planning, especially in a family-owned business, may be an issue.

For clients with a personal issue, it may be a claim as a victim of an accident or medical malpractice. An estate may be contested if there are questions regarding the legitimacy of a will. 

Regardless of the nature of the dispute, the attorneys of Norris McLaughlin, who have likely handled similar matters, will give the case the review its deserves, conduct an analysis, and arrive at a recommendation. 

Norris McLaughlin’s ADR attorneys advise clients in commercial and civil disputes in these sectors:

  • Attorney Ethics and Fees
  • Banking
  • Construction Claims 
  • Corporate Dissolutions
  • Deadlocks and Acquisitions
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Estates  
  • Health Care
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Labor and Employment 
  • Matrimonial 
  • Personal Injury 
  • Products Liability
  • Utility Issues

What We Do

Norris McLaughlin attorneys often serve as independent arbitrators and mediators, and also offer innovative services in case consultation and complex case management. 

Clients benefit from our team’s ability to take all of the facts into consideration during an ADR proceeding. That allows us to reach a custom solution, that best meets the needs of that particular client in that specific situation. As it is tailored to the unique situation facing each client, ADR is not a cookie cutter solution but instead offers a nuanced, flexible approach. Successful ADR proceedings require attorneys who can manage that approach with skill and finesse, and Norris McLaughlin’s ADR attorneys do just that.

With the help of our skilled attorneys, clients can plan ahead to avoid litigation. Our attorneys often will employ ADR approaches in order to avoid the courtroom, including an arbitration agreements in legal documents. Companies and organizations may request that arbitration clause be included in contracts so that ADR will be preferred to litigation, should a dispute arise.

Clients find ADR proceedings are more flexible and generally achieve a resolution that satisfies both parties. Mediation allows the parties to reach a consensus regarding the resolution of their case.

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