Appellate Practice

At Norris McLaughlin, we do our best to get you to the finish line with a win, no matter the challenges presented along the way.  

Who We Are

Experienced appellate practitioners are needed to preserve hard-won victories at trial or before an administrative agency, or to reverse disappointing judicial or administrative decisions. Norris McLaughlin’s appellate attorneys possess skills that are critical to winning appeals. 

Appellate practice differs from other aspects of litigation. On appeal, policy issues often must be identified, refined, and resolved because the existing case law, statutes, and regulations are unclear or in conflict.  We strive to go into an appeal knowing how the appellate court will analyze the issues, what arguments it will embrace or reject, and how to advocate the appeal to a successful conclusion. 

Our appellate attorneys are uniquely qualified to persuade appellate courts that the correct resolution of such complex issues is consistent with our clients’ interests. Our appellate attorneys use not only their experience in appellate practice and the law, but also their knowledge in important disciplines such as taxation, finance, economics, technology, health and environmental sciences, tort law, and employment relations to guide appellate courts to make the right policy decisions.

Our appellate practitioners, many of whom are former law clerks, have handled appeals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York state courts, and in federal courts throughout the country.  All our appellate attorneys have on-the-ground experience at the trial court level.

What We Do

Our appellate services include:

  • Appearing as appellate counsel or co-counsel in the trial court to identify issues ripe for appeal and preserve objections for appeal
  • Monitoring trials and advising trial counsel and clients as to strategies to preserve and perfect potential appellate issues
  • Consulting clients on the merits of filing an appeal
  • Developing meritorious issues on appeal
  • Drafting all appellate papers in conformance with appellate rules
  • Engaging in motion practice in the appellate courts
  • Appraising draft appellate briefs and refining legal arguments
  • Providing mock panels to develop oral argument strategies
  • Advising and guiding trial counsel and clients through the appeal process
  • Presenting appeals at oral argument
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