Public Utilities

The public utility law attorneys at Norris McLaughlin practice primarily before the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and other federal and state regulatory agencies that supervise public utilities. 

Who We Help

We represent investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and their associated boards and advisory councils or committees, and other participants in the electric, gas, telecommunications, water, wastewater, and cable television industries, including competitive telecommunication carriers, large real estate developers and other commercial and industrial energy users, several independent energy producers and natural gas marketers, and trade associations whose members are affected by utility regulation either as customers of utilities or as competitors.

What We Do

We provide counsel in the areas of law that are raised in rate cases (revenue requirements, cost of capital, and tariff and rate design) as well as those that are raised in other regulatory proceedings (franchises and other authorizations to provide service, location and relocation of utility facilities, debt and equity financings, corporate acquisitions, and customer complaints). A significant portion of the regulatory process is informal in nature, involving day-to-day contact with regulatory staff on a variety of issues. Our extensive experience with local and federal boards makes it possible to call for informal consultations to identify the key staff members and to obtain prompt responses to the questions that come up frequently outside the context of a formal proceeding.

In cases that require expert testimony, we work closely with our clients, first to select the appropriate witnesses, and then to help those witnesses identify the issues and express their opinions clearly and persuasively. Utility cases frequently involve thousands of pages of complex data, and we are experienced at sifting through the information in order to present our client’s position in the most effective manner.

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