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Evidence Issues

Oct 28, 2022

Financial Wrongdoing Usually Leaves a Trail

Clients often come in fully believing their business partner is cheating them somehow. But they have been denied access to the company financial information for so long they don’t really know for sure. The quandary becomes, what if I spend all that money to file suit and I’m wrong? » Read More

Oct 25, 2018

Is Secretly Recording Your Business Partner Ever a Good Idea in New Jersey?

Many clients who come in to discuss a possible business divorce action are already anticipating obstacles to their own case.  Having a foresighted, prepared client is wonderful.  But when those clients take matters into their own hands before even coming into my office, sometimes they have harmed more than helped their own case. » Read More

Feb 22, 2018

Business Owner Rights: What Every Shareholder Should Know

David C. Roberts, a Member of Norris McLaughlin, P.A., is pleased to present a seminar for all business owners that will answer many of the questions, both known and unknown, a shareholder would have, such as:
  • What, exactly, is “shareholder oppression?”
» Read More