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Oct 29, 2021

Some Business Partners Are Blaming COVID as an Excuse for Bad Behavior

A business partner who has been planning to take over operations entirely, freezing out his co-owner, may have found the perfect opportunity with the COVID pandemic.

The horror and tragedy of the pandemic have not stopped some business owners from using it as an excuse in an attempt to justify truly unjustifiable actions. » Read More

Oct 25, 2018

Is Secretly Recording Your Business Partner Ever a Good Idea in New Jersey?

Many clients who come in to discuss a possible business divorce action are already anticipating obstacles to their own case.  Having a foresighted, prepared client is wonderful.  But when those clients take matters into their own hands before even coming into my office, sometimes they have harmed more than helped their own case. » Read More

Oct 04, 2018

Prosecutors Are Rarely Interested in Business “Theft” Cases

Many business divorce cases start because one partner is improperly taking money from the business.  Such behavior can come in many different forms, including a majority shareholder wildly overcompensating himself, running personal expenses through the business, or having family members on the payroll with a no-show job.  » Read More

Aug 27, 2013

Discovering Fraud By Your Business Partner: Act Now or Forever Hold Your Peace?

When you catch your partner in a breach of trust, can you ever trust him again?  And even if you can, are you better off just moving on separately, or can the relationship ever really be repaired?

It may sound like this article is discussing a marriage, but that is what a business partnership is like in some cases.  » Read More

Dec 18, 2012

Listen to the Little Voice Telling You Your Business Partner is Treating You Unfairly and Seek Advice Sooner Rather Than Later

It is fascinating how many clients come in to discuss potential shareholder litigation against their business partner, completely unable to explain why it took so long for them to see a lawyer.  Most perplexing are the ones who believe their business partners have been stealing from them for years.  » Read More