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Members of Norris McLaughlin’s Food Beverage & Hospitality industry group provide legal counsel to businesses in the specialty foods community, helping them develop their businesses, grow their brands, and protect their bottom line. We leverage our collective experiences advising on brand development and protections, labor and employment issues, capital financing, supply chain and distribution contract review and dispute resolution, product liability, regulatory compliance, trade secrets protection and enforcement, immigration compliance and defense, privacy & data security, and corporate tax planning.  Our clients in this industry include specialty food manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers; food and beverage trade groups and professional associations; breweries, distilleries, and wineries; restaurants, bars, hotels, conference centers, stadiums, and other public venues.

Our Commitment to You

Our attorneys recognize that members of the Specialty Food Association represent some of the most competitive and globally-linked businesses in the food and beverage industry. As manufacturers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers of some of the most highly-specialized food ingredients available on the market,  these coveted products deserve representation from a team of lawyers that understand the complexities of your businesses — one that can assist you in expanding into new markets and developing new products to differentiate your brand in the crowded global marketplace. As a client of our cross-functional Food Beverage & Hospitality industry group, your business will benefit from our commitment to not only act as your legal counsel, protecting your products and brands along the way, but also serve as a trusted advisor you can count on to keep you focused on being successful.

Specialty Food Industry

Specialty food and beverages refer to food, beverages, or confections meant for human use that are of the highest grade, style, and/or quality in their respective categories. Their specialty nature derives from a combination of some or all of the following qualities, the common denominator of which is high quality: uniqueness, exotic origin, particular processing (and often an intentional lack thereof), design, limited supply, unusual application/use, and compelling packaging or channel of distribution/sale.


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