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The Value of Relationships in the Workplace

The Value of Relationships in the Workplace

The New York Times recently featured a heartwarming story, A Janitor Was Struggling, So His Colleagues Donated Toward an Early Retirement, by Gaia Pianigiani (12.27.21, page A6), about a janitor who worked at the Senna Inox factory in Graffignana, Italy, southeast of Milan. A lifelong medical issue had become too challenging for him to manage, “making his job more difficult by the day.” He was not yet eligible to receive a pension.

However, his co-workers had an idea. All 50 of them contributed vacation days to the janitor, and the company made up the difference, so that he was “bridged” to retirement age. This enabled him to receive a pension. His colleagues’ meaningful act of kindness and generosity illustrates the bonds created in the workplace. As we begin 2022, remember to engage with colleagues, being mindful of the responsibility to nurture both old and new relationships between and among us – whether we are working remotely or in-person.

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