U.S. Identification Manual

The U.S. Identification Manual as a Tool to Assist in Preventing the Use of Fraudulent Identifications

The U.S. Identification Manual is a 700-page desk reference guide providing in-depth coverage of identification that are issued by state and federal agencies in the United States, as well as identifications that are issued by the Canadian government and its provinces.  The Manual is divided into five sections for easy use: (1) state identification; (2) vehicle registration; (3) federal identification; (4) commercial documents; (5) and an agency directory.  Subscription to the Manual service provides four updates each year.

The U.S. Identification Manual is one of many tools that exists to assist employers when completing the Form I-9, Employment Verification Eligibility, particularly when reviewing identity and work authorization documents.

The U.S. Identification Manual is published by the Driver’s License Guide Company in Redwood City, California.  To purchase the U.S. Identification Manualplease contact:

Driver’s License Guide Company
1492 Oddstad Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063

800-227-8827 (Toll Free, U.S. & Canada Only)
650-369-4849 Phone
650-364-8740 Fax

Please note that Norris McLaughlin suggests the U.S. Identification Manual as one of many resources to assist employers in Form I-9 compliance matters.  Norris McLaughlin & Marcus neither endorses the U.S. Identification Manual nor does Norris McLaughlin & Marcus present this information in a manner to constitute legal advise.

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